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Mayhems Aurora Coolant

Written By Pinoy Tekkie on Linggo, Setyembre 2, 2012 | 12:50 AM

Mayhems Aurora is a totally different kind of specialist coolant and should not be used for normal every day use. Consideration about your loop lay out is a must before proceeding to use this liquid. Mayhems Aurora is a photographic, demonstration, Modding and looks only liquid and is not recommended for long term use.

Do not confuse Mayhems Aurora with any thing else out there. Please always read the wiki before use - Mayhems Aurora Wiki.

Mayhems Aurora works best in duel pass rads and tube reservoirs. The more complex the loop the less time the liquid will work. Many uses do use the liquid for long term and the most we have tested it use for is 1 year. How ever in complex loops were people have totally ignored our warnings it might only last 24 hours or so.

We have read several complaints in the past on forums were users have not followed what we say and then go on a rampage about the coolant not working in there own systems. This is up to the keyboard warriors how ever when it is pointed out to them about the product and the warning labels on the bottles they still refuse to understand the complexity of the product it self.

There are several good reviews of the product out there and it up to you the user to do the research beforehand. We can only do so much.

Colours Mayhems Aurora comes in as standard in 250ml concentrate and 1ltr premixed.
Clear & Silver (add your own dyes to make any colour you wish)
Red & Silver
Blue and Silver
Pink and Silver
Purple and Silver
Green and Silver
Clear and Gold (add your own dyes to make any colour you wish)
Purple and Gold

Common Q&A for Aurora
Q: Will Aurora block my system?
A: No it should not block you system as it contains particles smaller than 40nm. It can get caught up in crevices in rads and some reservoirs. It will fall out of suspension in dead water areas of systems. This is why a good flow in you system is a must with this liquid.
Q: Will Aurora stain my system?
A: Aurora should not stain your system as we do not use a UV Dye in it. How ever prolonged use of the Coolant may see some slight staining.
Q: I have a bay reservoir will aurora work in it?
A: Short answer is no. Long answer is that "Some" bay reservoirs have dead spots in there and this is like having a whirl pool inside you reservoir and the pearl will gather at the bottom of this. For the short term this is fine how ever over long periods of time you will see the pearl drop out of suspension.
Q: How do i flush the system after i have used aurora?
A: We plumb the PC in the mains tap and turn it on very slowly and leave it running for 15min to 30min this normally does the job fine. Then we rinse with DI water when we have finished.


Mayhems Pastel Coolant
Mayhems Pastel is a mixed bag of tricks and has a extremely long life span. This product was developed in conjunction with "Ice Dragon Cooling" to produce pastel type colours for the PC user. Mayhems Pastel Coolants can be used up to 3 years in a system.

Do not use Mayhems Pastel with Primochill tubing or Tygon tubing as Mayhems Pastel seems to react with it changing the colour of the tubing to a greenish colour. This is not the fault of Primochill, Tygon or Mayhems it is just a incompatibility issue. Pastel works fine with XSPC, Thermochill, Clear Flex, Masterclear and a few other brands.

Mayhems Pastel is a every day type liquid unlike Mayhems Aurora and can be used in all systems and has never had any reported problems as such.

Colours Mayhems Pastel comes in as standard in 250ml concentrate and 1 ltr premixed.
White (this is the base mix you can change to any colour)
UV White (this is only available in 1 Ltr premix and cannot be made in 250ml concentrate)

Common Q&A for Pastel
Q: Does Mayhems Pastel contain biocides and inhibitors?
A: Yes it does you need not add any thing extra into you system as every thing you need is included in the liquids.
Q: Can i make Mayhems Pastel UV Active?
A: Yes you can make Mayhems Pastel UV active how ever it takes a lot of dye to do this and we are testing new variants of dye to make them more UV Active. This how ever takes time and lots of testing.
Q: What is the longest time i can use pastel for?
A: The longest we have used Mayhems Pastel is 3 years with no problems found. We have not tested it past this, how ever at this time frame do expect dyeing of blocks and tubes. All so if you work it out Pastel is £14.99 a bottle this works out at less than £5.00 per year making it one of the cheapest premixed coolants on the market for this time period.

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