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How to Get Headshots – Perfection Training

Written By Pinoy Tekkie on Sabado, Setyembre 8, 2012 | 9:16 PM

Getting headshots in Counter-Strike, DOD, COD4 or even TF2 doesn’t come easy. It takes years of practice, a fast machine capable of providing smooth game play and finally… skill. Yet, even then, there are guys who seem to have all of the above and still can’t get consistent headshots. Here’s why:

The golden concept: What you practice, you get good at....or more familiar: Practice makes perfect!

Remember that.

If your idea of practice is to jump on a public server and get as many kills as fast as possible… then you’re only harming yourself in the long run. Pubbing does not build skill.


Because on public servers, you’re matched up against mediocre players. So even if you miss a lot of your shots, as long as you shoot first, you’ll usually end up winning the battle.

Unconsciously, you train yourself to shoot first without aiming. That becomes part of you… even if you don’t want to. If you’re used to playing with the “shoot first, aim second” because you play on pubs a lot, then that’s what you’ll AUTOMATICALLY do even in match situations.

As I previously mentioned, what you practice, you get good at… even if it’s something that doesn’t help you.

The solution: Instead of going for as many kills as possible, go for the highest level of accuracy that you can possibly achieve. Make every single shot count, and always aim for the head. If you’re playing Counter-Strike, make sure that every single kill you get is a headshot, and that you don’t waste a single bullet. When aiming, take as MUCH time as you need to hit the head, even if it means dying in the process.

Concentrate on that, and you’ll be practicing perfection.

After a while, you’ll re-train yourself to automatically aim for the head before shooting. You’ll become a human aimbot.

A fair bit of warning, the first time you try this, expect to die. You’ll be taking a lot more time to aim than usual, so it will throw your rhythm off and consequently, you won’t get kills that you would of normally gotten by spraying. However, with practice, the time it takes to aim will decrease and your headshot percentage will go up.

Eventually, you won’t even have to think of it and you’ll naturally spend the required time to aim for the head. If you ever find yourself slipping and start shooting too quickly, make sure you do this exercise again!

So remember, if you practice shooting quickly, that’s what you’ll do in the match.

If you practice perfection, you’ll be accused of cheating because you got too many headshots! Life’s tough.

Practice in deathmatch servers sometimes, practice headshot, deagle, awp, spraying, bursting.

My tips:

1. First set up your hardware. Buy the mouse for you. Decide if claw grip or palm grip. If Possible,  500-1000mz poll rate for fast mouse response. No hardware acceleration is a must. For keyboard, it should be mechanical (more expensive) but a standard would be OK.

2. Settings. Find the sensitivity for you. Not too slow, not too fast. But there is no such thing as the best sensitivity, depends on your personal preference. Usually slow sensitivity means more accuracy but less mobility o turning speed. It's up to you to balance accuracy/mobility. Of course turn off mouse acceleration sa windows and game. Use raw input sa mouse settings in game to bypass mouse drivers and better control. Choose crosshair size and color for you, ako classic + green. Pero pag newbie ka use dynamic crosshair muna so you have an idea of how diff weapons recoil.

3. Skill. As mentioned, practice. Develop your muscle memory so that the headshot or spraying is second nature. If you can't beat someone face to face, "flank" them as in find another position to attack them like from the side or from behind. Don't go alone unless you are good in sniping/shooting. Another frowned upon skill is camping (tambay or abangers), you can do this all the time or when you are outnumbered. Always walk if you suspect someone is camping somewhere so they won't hear your footsteps. Know your enemy. If you know he's a camper/sniper, be extra careful, flank him or use smoke/flashbang. If he's a rusher, wait in places he usually passes.

4. Know your weapons. Memorize spray patterns of each gun. Of course rifles have more recoil, specially AK. Shoot the wall full auto and see. You can control full auto by pulling the mouse down, sometimes even ending up having the center of the crosshair on enemy feet. Mastering full auto (spraying) takes time and practice. The safer option is using "bursts" like 2-3+ shots, pause, repeat. For ak, 1-2 bursts, for m4 1-4. Remember AK is more powerful but less accurate, m4 more accurate but less damage. The closer you are to the enemy, the more bullets you can add to a burst and vice versa. If point blank range, you can full auto. When your good enough, you can full auto mid range. If you can, use grenades. Grenades are very helpful, use smoke to get past a long corridor when snipers may be waiting. Same for flash bang. High explosive grenades help soften enemies or scare them away from a controlled spot.

5. Know the map. Also always look at your minimap for enemies, ongoing fights, bomb, etc, that's valuable intel. Find a place where you can have a positional advantage like a corner, a window, canal, etc. A place that covers your blinds spots (rear, side) is the safest. 
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