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Defeating Smough And Ornstein In Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition

Written By Pinoy Tekkie on Linggo, Setyembre 2, 2012 | 12:58 AM

The mega bosses in Anor Londo include Smough the Executioner and Ornstein the Dragonslayer. These two are one of the most difficult boss duo to defeat in the dark souls game. Let's look at a few tactics on how to defeat Ornstein the Dragonslayer and Smough the Executioner.

Ornstein is the cat face boss with lightning speed and lightning spears or lances to match. Smough is the fat slow one that smashes everything to bits with his outrageously large hammer. Together, the two form the dynamic duo in Dark Souls. Many heroes have fallen before their combined attacks.

Executioner Smough (The Hammer Wielder)

Large, strong and surprisingly mobile. Smough takes advantage of his size (and the size of his hammer) causing devastating damage to anything caught within his reach. Smough can be seen attacking with large swings, jumping into the air and bringing his hammer down onto anyone caught standing still and will even charge at you with his hammer, throwing the player into the air if caught at the end of his hammer. Upon death, will be absorbed by Ornstein who then grows in size substantially. Smough's already long attack range becomes even greater and several of his abilities gain different attributes from his increased size and strength. The most dangerous ability Smough acquires is a electric-charged jumping attack, near-impossible to block without the use of a Greatshield.

Dragon Slayer Ornstein (The Spear Knight)

Quick and agile, Ornstein is opposite of his partner Smough attacking with leaps, thrusts, large arcing sweeps and shooting bolts of electricity from his spear. Upon death, he will be crushed and absorbed by Smough, who gains Ornstein's electric attacks which cause large amounts of damage. If Smough is defeated before Ornstein, his attacks gain even greater range, improved damage and a thrust, if a player gets caught in, will be impaled and shocked by Ornstein's imbued spear.
  • Ornstein is a clear reference to Leo Ornstein, American experimental composer and pianist of the early twentieth century. His armour, that represents a Lion, is a reference to the name of the composer, that is Leo.
It is entirely possible to defeat Ornstein and Smough solo. However, where is the fun in rpg games if one cannot bring a friend or friends along for the fight? So go back to where the silver knight was standing. Go ahead a few steps, and then summon the Knight Solaire. Now arm the hero with sorcery spells and pyromancy spells especially Fire Orb or the Great Fireball spell. The hero's pyromancy level should be +12 or more before advancing to defeat Ornstein and Smough (hence the easy level up at Darkroot Basin to upgrade the pyromancy).

With the Knight Solaire by the hero's side, transverse the white light. Run away from  Smough and Ornstein so that they will target the Knight Solaire. Now move in and rapidly throw those fire orbs, fireballs and great fireballs at  Smough and Ornstein. With enough firepower and aim, Ornstein can be taken out with four or five fire orbs, leaving Smough behind. This should be done really fast so that the Knight Solaire does not take much damage and can still deal with Smough as an efficient tank.

With Smough left behind, concentrate on him using the same tactics. The hero may need to move around the room and dodge his super hammer throw and thrust attacks if the Knight Solaire has been taken out. Just keep throwing those fireball spells or sorcery spells, and Smough will be defeated eventually. This provides an alternative poison arrow and spell based approach of defeating  Smough and Ornstein efficiently.
Of course, the hero may prefer the traditional melee tactics of defeating  Smough and Ornstein.

With  Smough and Ornstein defeated, it's time to venture forth, speak to Gwyvenere (Princess of Sunlight) and obtain the Lordvessel. And then go on to the Duke's Archives.

Some also said that to defeat Fat and Thin (Smough and Ornstein) you would need the super light gear for fast dodging and the Fury Sword for maximum ownage!

No matter how you defeat the two bosses, the reward is quite humongous! As you can see below..

Super super love this game! Even if there's a lot of invader hackers, the legits are plenty as well. Just don't indict hackers to waste their time, lolz.It was too late when I found out its OK to get invaded or invade, that its alright to die because you can recover your souls and humanity. I thought it will become the property of the killer, I was wrong. There's also not much penalty if you invade, you lose only 1 humanity will if ever you die.
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