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Dark Souls Gaming Tips

Written By Pinoy Tekkie on Linggo, Oktubre 14, 2012 | 5:12 PM

Tekkie Tekkie Muna (red light in traffic signals means stop, red eyes means stop playing too – kaya huwag matigas ang ulo dahil games are no longer fun if you’re just stressed ), here are some gaming tips for the Dark Souls fans to make gameplay more enjoyable.

Games are supposed to be played with “having fun” as the primary reason. So when it becomes to weary to play any further, then something is definitely wrong.

1. Early game, level up on Endurance for stamina. You use stamina for blocking,attacking, and wearing heavy armor (if you plan to use one).

2. Always take note that your equipped gear mo is should be 50% of the total weight mo.

3. When you reach the  Undead Parish and met Andrei the blacksmith (not the giant), start upgrading your weapons and armor. At this point, its more important to upgrade your equipment instead of leveling up because:
a.) If your level is too high, high level players would also invade you so you would really have a difficult time.

b.) Later on sa game, ther would be  monsters that gives high souls for less grind for souls.

4. The strongest weapon? Actually there’s none, choosing a weapon is based on your play-style. Every weapon has unique animation, types of attack and stamina usage. if you prefer thrusting/lunging attacks, you can use spear or rapier, if you want slashing attacks, go for a sword. If you prefer heavy weapons, go for 2 handed weapons or axes. Take note that its slower to wield heavy weapons.

5. The best armor? Again, it would depend on your play-style. If you want to tank and take hits, go heavy armor. If you want fast dodging, go light armor. For heavy armor, you need to be 50% of the total weight mo, or else you will be moving very slow. There are also heavy armorthat slows down stamina recovery (eg. Black Iron Armor) so read their descriptions carefully. Also heavy armors have Poise. The poise is the ability to resist stun. The higher the poise, much less the chances of getting stunned.

6. In choosing a shield: You need to go for 100% Damage Reduction on the physical. Another shield property is Stability. The higher the stability, the higher the chance your stance mo wont get damaged when blocking. There will be a lot of shields available later on. It helps to change shield types often to survive boss fights. Take note of their properties so you would know where they are more effective.

7. Repair your gear. Buy from Andrei a Repair Kit for 2000 souls so you could repair at the bonfire. If you still have extra souls, buy also an Upgrade Kit for Weapon/Armor so you could also upgrade your gear at the bonfire. Better to do this before going to the Depths.

8. If you die, retrieve your bloodstain (green glowing orb), to get your souls/humanity before you died. Take note that if you die before retrieving your bloodstain, you will lose the previous bloodstain (goodbye souls and humanity).

9. Humanity is used to kindle bonfire (for more estus flasks). You could also summon phantoms if human for some jolly co-operation if you need assistance. Loot drops are also better when you’re human.

10. Don’t play when you’re hungry/in a bad mood/tired. You will die. Lots of times. 

11. If you keep on getting killed, stop for awhile. Relax and take it easy, eat up, watch TV, do anything.
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